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Fat and oil products

Universal fat
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  • 96.21 RUB/t.  - from 20000 t.
Minimum order cost: 1 924 200.00 RUB
UNIVERSAL FATS FOR BAKERY AND FLOUR CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS. FEATURES OF USING UNIVERSAL FATS: Universal fats specially designed for the production of flour confectionery and bakery products. Recommended for the manufacture of products, the technology of which provides for the introduction of melted...
Group: Масложировая продукция
Milk fat substitute.
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  • 95 RUB/kg.  - from 20000 kg.
Minimum order cost: 1 900 000.00 RUB
MILK FAT SUBSTITUTE. APPLICATION AREA: It is used for partial or complete replacement of milk fat in the production of dairy products: spreads (creamy vegetable, vegetable - creamy, vegetable - fatty), cheeses (hard, semi - hard, soft, brine) and processed cheese products (sliced (smoked, sausage),...
Group: Масложировая продукция
Deep fat.
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  • 98 RUB/kg.  - from 20000 kg.
Minimum order cost: 1 960 000.00 RUB
FRYING FAT. APPLICATION AREA: Designed for use in the baking industry and cooking. • In the confectionery industry; • In the production of instant pasta; • For frying donuts, pies, potatoes; FUNCTIONAL ADVANTAGES: • Allows the use of a wide range of operating temperatures; • Provides adhesion to...
Group: Масложировая продукция


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